Werewolf Headwear Glowing Eyes Movable Costume Mask

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Color: Black Werewolf Mask

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Transform into a scary werewolf on eerie Halloween!

In folklore, werewolf🐺 is a bloodthirsty monster that is the terrible fear of many human beings. This Halloween, let’s transform into a scary werewolf with our Werewolf Headwear to frighten every guest knocking your door!

Look like real werewolf

This werewolf mask is realistic looking enough that many small kids will cry out when seeing your appearance, and it’s also accurate enough for adult fans to ask for a picture with the cosplayer.

More scared with spooky effect

The glowing eyes dazzling in the dark look like the real evil eyes of a bloodthirsty monster while the ears can be controlled by pulling the wire to make them move like real ears of animals.

Maximum comfort

This awesome mask is made from high-quality latex and artificial hair for maximum comfort to make a great addition to your wardrobe. 

Suitable for many occasions

Suitable for masquerade party, Halloween, cosplay, carnival, Christmas, steampunk party and other special occasions, and you will receive lots of compliments from this trendy vivid costume mask.

Choose the best costume for Halloween!


  • Material: Latex

  • Dimensions: 40 x 30 cm

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