Painting Reflection Tracing Line Table Sketch Drawing Pad

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Drawing is never easier with this sketch pad!

Most children are little artists with their own interpretations of the world. Give your kids the freedom to play with art, and you’ll be surprised at how talented they are. 

Effortless sketching

With the wanted images being displayed on the paper, every stroke comes with ease! This pad enables kids to freely play around with sketches from beginner to advanced levels.

Easy to use

It takes only a few steps before it’s ready to support little art-lovers! Help your kid peel off the tape and set up the holder, and all is left for them is to start drawing!

Handy phone holder

When your tots finish their astonishing artworks, they might want to relax with a little movie session. In that case, this also serves as a handy holder for your smartphone.

Highly durable

Being super thin and transparent does not take away its superb durability. You can bend the pad and not be afraid of destroying it, just remember not to scratch it for the clearest image quality.

Young artists’ favorite

As kids take time to learn hand movements such as grabbing and doodling, and it also takes time to grow the love for creating art, this drawing pad is perfect to support.

Provide your kid with the best tools now!


  • Material: Plastic

  • Dimensions: 20 x 13.5cm

Package includes
  • 1 x Drawing Pad

  • 1 x Pencil

  • 5 x Phone Holder Parts

  • 1 x Instruction


  • The pad has two sides, the front and the back, and the projection effect on both sides is different. Please use the front side for the best image quality.

  • DIY installation: Product comes in separate components and requires customer’s assembly.

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